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David composes music for a large variety of forms, from pre-recorded film music, to live-performed theatre work and concert music, to improvised electracoustics and more. Here is a selection of extracts from various recent projects.


A collection of audiovisual examples


Nov 2018

TROY was an experimental micro-opera, developed with director Emily Louizou and Collide Theatre, with support from Arts Council England. It was performed three times in November 2018. 


November 2017

For a concert based around graphic scores, the Baltimore-based Pique Collective performed a graphic score titled "Anomaly", composed back in 2013.

This graphic score is available to purchase here


January 2017

SEIKILOS is a text-score based on the Seikilos epitaph - the oldest knwn complete human composition. Performed here by the contemporary music collective Echoshed (founded by David Denyer and Chris Schlecte-Bond), accompanied by a visual light display designed and performed by Sam Hoppen.  

The SEIKILOS text score is available to purchase here.


April 2016

In 2016, The experimental Collide Theatre group devised an immersive performance of Heiner Muller's Hamletmachine at Ugly Duck's Garage venue.


April 2015

An experimental art-film collaboration with Steven Denyer, Eight was first screened with a live orchestra at the Royal College of Music Composition for Screen showcase 2015. 


January 2016

A collaboration with documentary filmmaker and Goldsmiths graduate Alexandra Gaulupeau, the score to this film was constructed from recordings made from interacting with a snail-shell. This documentary has won a number of awards, including BUFVC's Learning on Screen Student Production Documentary Award, and the EDA Award for Best Female Directed Short Film at DOXA 2017.

The full film is available to view at National Geographic.


February 2015

UCL Classics Society's production of Euripedes' Bacchae won multiple awards (including the Sunday TImes Judges' Commendation for Best Sound and Music at NSDF 2015) and toured Europe throughout 2015, ending in a radically immersive promenade performance in the main space of the British Museum to an audience of over 1000. 


David has produced and released a number of records which are available for streaming on Soundcloud:

FERÐ (2017)




Last updated June 2020


Theatre-specific work

-Mantis from Atlantis (Dirty Rascals, Camden People’s Theatre)
-Ms Julie (Collide Theatre, Resolution 2020)
-Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (Papercut Theatre, Vaults festival 2020)
-Target Man (Sliding Tackle Theatre)
-Metamorphosis (Collide Theatre)
-Little Echoes (Pentire Street Productions)
- I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn’t - Vaults Festival version (Dirty Rascals)

Other work (film, concert, etc)

-Blobby Does A Blobcast (experimental podcast project)
-These Are Not True Pillars Of Stone (ongoing solo record project)
-Deadly Structures (BBC/ICA commissioned interactive sound-game, by Wormtea, co-written and co-composed with Sami El-Enany)
-The Sorrowvirus (video-game release)
-That’s What It Is To Drift Freely (co-composed with Sam Hoppen, track released as part of Muted Stories 2 by And/Oar records)


-TROY @ Voila festival 2018 (Collide Theatre/Emily Louizou)
-The Battle of Frogs and Mice @ Edfringe 2018 (Helicon Storytelling/Hayley Russell)
-I Want You To Admire Me /But You Shouldn’t @ Brighton Fringe (Dirty Rascals/Pavlos Christodoulou)
-Metamorphosis R&D (HOME theatre, Manchester/Emily Louizou)
-The Love of the Fireflies (HOME theatre, Manchester/Emily Louizou) 

-Black Box Green Room (podcast, Dirty Rascals)
-Transparent (feature film score, Fox & Chips Productions/Vince Gade)
-4/20 (short film score, Cara Fay)
-Echoshed: Liminal Rites (Concert series)
-What’s Left After All That Is The Silent Hum (Podcast adaptation of theatre project)


-As You Like It (UCL Drama Society/Polly Creed)
-Stories from Homer (Helicon Storytelling/Andrew Hulse)
-I Want You To Admire Me /But You Shouldn’t (Dirty Rascals/Pavlos Christodoulou)
-Die Worte Des Wahns (Wiebke Green)
-Richard III (Pentire Street Productions/Matt Turbett)
-Parentcraft (Cohrus Theatre/Hayley Russel-Polly Cohen)
-The Elders (A’Dart Theatre/Kat Christidi)
-Tejas Verdes - readapted for Women and War festival (Collide Theatre/Emily Louizou)
-The Hunger Artist (Dirty Rascals/Pavlos Christodoulou)
-A Better Life (David Prosser/Ellie Heydon)
Tejas Verdes (Collide Theatre)
-Tracks contributed to King Lear (UCL Drama society/Oliver Marsh) 

-Just Drive (feature film score, Fox & Chips Productions/Vince Gade)
-Echoshed: Dialogue @ Music Marathon (Concert series)
-In My Mind (Pentire Street Productions/Hayden Munt) 
-The Awakening (short film by David Prosser)
-Bruises (feature film score, Fox & Chips Productions/Vince Gade)
-Echoshed 2: Metallurgy (Concert series)
-Echoshed: Echoshed @ Art Junction (Concert series) 


-Hamlet (Fox & Chips Productions/Vince Gade)
-Tree of Language (Commission for Bloomsbury Festival/Louise Wadsworth)
-Inferno (UCLU Runaground/Roberto Cortese-Polly Creed)
-School for Wives (Roll Up Theatre/Wiebke Green)
-HamletMachine (Collide Theatre/Emily Louizou)
-Thlides (Dirty Rascals/Pavlos Christodoulou)
-Rites (UCL Drama Society/Polly Cohen)
-Comedy of Errors (UCL Drama Society/Wiebke Green)
-Darkside (UCL Drama Society/Roberto Cortese/Polly Creed)  

-Ferð (ambient noise record made from field recordings taken in Iceland)
-Echoshed: Primal Soup (concert series)  


-4.48 Psychosis (Collide Theatre/Emily Louizou)
-A Streetcar Named Desire (Fox & Chips Productions/Vince Gade)
-Gingerbread (Young Friends of the Almeida/Emily Louizou)
-Othello (Fox & Chips Productions/Vince Gade)
-Bacchae (UCL Classics Society/Emily Louizou) 

-Night Music (ambient noise record made from field recordings taken in Siena, Italy)
-Triptych (harsh noise record)
-Eightfold (drone record)
-Eight (experimental art-film, screened and performed with live orchestra)
-Life At A Snail’s Pace (documentary by Alexandra Gaulupeau)
-String Trio (performed at Highly Strung, Holy Trinity Church Feb 2015) 

Friends and frequent collaborators